Sapien was founded on two core beliefs. 

We believe businesses have the opportunity to solve the greatest challenges facing humankind. And we believe that business leaders need exponential leadership capabilities built through human connection and technological sophistication to solve those challenges.

We are called Sapien because we believe an approach to leadership development must acknowledge the human at the center of all things. A modern reprise on the values of the enlightenment. Reason. Science. Humanism. 

We therefore draw on pioneering research from evolutionary biology, genetics, psychology, neurobiology, philosophy and advances in artificial intelligence to build our simulations. The scientific study of human nature informs our work. Our team turns these insights into powerful and lasting learning experiences. 

Our mobile-first simulation technology is built on Google Cloud architecture and a proprietary platform designed to empower educators and learning professionals within the organization.


Our beliefs shape the way that we work.

In a time of exponential growth, growing leaders requires an exponential approach. 



We partner with large, complex organizations to build compelling learning experiences that invite their leaders to lose themselves in the worlds we create. The leaders gain a new and deeper understanding of how, and why, they must lead differently now.



Our experiences are driven by data science. We model the real business context of real markets and real companies. The result: more powerful, relevant insights delivered to more leaders at greater speed and scale.


Marion White
Head of Client Services

Leads the management of Sapien’s relationships with several Fortune 500 clients. Previously worked in program and business development for Duke Corporate Education and UNC Executive Development. MBA from UNC and BA from Duke University.


Jake Breeden
Chief Strategy Officer

As CSO at Sapien, Jake leads Sapien’s commercial growth and planning in custom and platform development. Prior to co-founding Sapien, Jake authored Tipping Sacred Cows and taught strategy on the faculty at Duke, Cornell and UNC.              


Matt Breeden
Head of Software Development

Matt leads Sapien's technology roadmap and software development, including custom and the Socrates platform. Previously Matt worked as a developer for GraySail building enterprise applications for the Gates Foundation, Carnival Cruise Lines and the University of South Carolina.                             


Tony Evans
Lead Infrastructure Engineer

Tony is in charge of server and database infrastructure at Sapien. He has years of experience with VOIP and file-sharing systems, deployment and maintenance of key products for Citrix and Dial America. He gives Sapien the ability to quickly and securely deploy mutli-tenant, load-balanced data and server solutions. Tony leads Sapien’s partnership with Google Cloud and is a Google Cloud Certified Architect.


Karen Strating

Karen leads the facilitation of simulation experiences for Sapien clients. Karen coaches and teaches senior leaders at BNP Paribas, American Express, Boehringer Ingelheim and CVS Health. Previously Karen worked at Microsoft in organizational development.                                                                                             

Nicola Dinesen
Program Director

Native of Sydney, Australia where she led the global Senior Leader Program for Insurance Australia Group and led the high potential talent programs for Commonwealth Bank. Currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. Graduate of the University of Sydney.


Darren Keegan
Chief Design Officer

As CDO at Sapien, Darren leads the creation of Sapien’s product portfolio, accelerating innovation through human-centered design. Prior to co-founding Sapien, Darren’s academic research into decision making focused on the power of simulations to change human behavior. 


David Hamiter
Lead UX Engineer

David uses modern tooling such as TypeScript, React and WebSockets to ensure Sapien’s enterprise grade software is easily accessible to billions of Web users across every platform architecture. He holds a software patent for the design of Visual Cath Report, distributed by Siemens and other leading medical software vendors.


Rebecca Newton

Rebecca leads the facilitation of simulation experiences for Sapien clients. She is based in London where she is a senior visiting fellow at the London School of Economics. She holds a Ph.D. in Organisational Psychology from LSE.                                                        


Lee Fowler
Lead Data & Analytics Engineer

Lee is Sapien's expert in data structure and back-end analytics. He has worked extensively in the fast-paced world of startups, with GIS, big data and large infrastructure, wrangling fast-moving code bases into extensible, re-usable architecture. Previously Lee was a software developer for AirWatch, which was subsequently acquired by VMWare.


Sapien Experience, LLC

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