Sapien creates simulated worlds to drive real results. In a simulated world, you can test out ideas, engage in possible future scenarios and experience real outcomes. Our world development enables your leaders to address realistic challenges in your current and future contexts.

By taking leaders out of their day-to-day reality, we can isolate and develop the key management capabilities needed to win in emerging futures: becoming more strategic, more open, more collaborative, more resilient, more agile, more transformative, more entrepreneurial and more systemic.

In our custom work, we co-create immersive and imaginative worlds with our clients, full of the specific business, cultural and leadership dynamics your leaders face. As a result, leaders leave with lasting insights, powerful new mindsets and an immediate plan for positive action. 


This month our Spotlight Series simulation feature is Planet Sapien. 

Over a series of rounds filled with competing priorities, four different players are challenged to deliver on the promise of shared value. They collaborate to build a thriving enterprise that addresses one of the world’s most urgent and formidable problems. 

Participants are immersed in a multi-round, multiplayer competitive game where they assume one of four key roles representing the interests of financial services, healthcare, energy and government. Leaders will:

  • Develop the mindset of a systemic thinker

  • Map systems to identify points of leverage

  • Demonstrate thought leadership

  • Consume complexity to produce simplicity

  • Understand the latent power of shared value

  • Capture subsequent, real world qualitative and quantitative impacts



Leaders from the following companies have experienced a Sapien simulation.