How To Think About...Transformation 

The Transformational Leader does not believe charisma drives change. They see diminishing returns in idealized influence. So too, the visionary proselytizing from a protected seat, challenging the status quo they helped establish. Because they know that real change means believing that something new is possible. And that it is the right thing to do.

They have learned from the experience of those close to them that the act of self-transformation is exhilarating and yet they have lived the debilitating, exhausting experience of organizational transformation. The relentless pace, the opaque motives. It has brought them to a realization: that organizations possess the same deep and hidden commitments which thwart individuals. The kind that are insidious and pernicious, but effective. 

Instead, the Transformational Leader inspires through purpose. A codified belief that explains their contribution and the contribution of the organization. The reason they exist. Driven by a true appreciation of the exponential factors which explain the imperative for change. In practice, they utilize insights from psychology and neurobiology to engage others with intent. Harnessing the power of prior beliefs and building positive emotional contagion. But most of all, expanding agency. The conditions for control which are ultimately intrinsic.



The Transformational Leader Simulation Experience



Congratulations, you are now a member of the Executive Leadership Team of Sapien Evolution, an $80 billion, 100,000-person technology powerhouse. The company started out in hardware and that division continues to be the workhouse driving the business. Its hardware powers the networks of its two main customer segments: large, global enterprises and the world’s largest communications service providers. While growth has slowed in its core markets, the margins in the core remain attractive, for now. 

Now the company that shaped the first wave of internet growth may only survive if it as at the forefront of the next. An age of software. The analysts argue that a new world is here. One where exponential growth will be achieved by companies who can transcend industries. Who nullify boundaries. 

As incumbents in every industry wake up to a new age of competition Sapien Evolution must emerge from its slumber and transform to protect not only its future, but its legacy.


As members of the executive team charged with managing four years of profitable growth leaders have the power to shape strategy, allocate resources, accelerate innovation and deliver purpose driven transformation. In an environment assailed by powerful, world-class, competitors and where exponential technologies arrive with unfathomable speed leaders will: 

  • Uncover the deep, contrarian beliefs which co-exist inside the firm
  • Contrast exogenous and endogenous growth
  • Create organic and inorganic innovation
  • Identify decisions of consequence
  • Craft messaging to inspire with purpose
  • Explore the hidden commitments which inhibit change 
  • Capture subsequent, real world qualitative and quantitative impacts