How To Think About...Strategy

The Strategic Leader lives in a world where business plans last three years. At most. They have witnessed entire business models rendered obsolete in less. Yet they remain calm in the face of this complexity. Are comfortable with an accelerating pace of change, and see opportunity where others see chaos. They have the humility to recognize what is unknowable are are wary of those that try to predict the future by quantifying the past.

They achieve this state by leveraging a force that is equal to the power of complexity and which explains human progress: belief. It is belief that allows thousands of individuals to act as one. A shared sense of identity and purpose which operates flexibly and at scale.

The Strategic Leader identifies the arcs of change they believe will shape the future for their business, markets and customers. These beliefs become the mechanism by which trade-offs are evaluated and choices made. They utilize this clarity to translate strategy within their organization and drive purposeful action. A practice which is defined as strongly by what is not done, what is not pursued, by what is.



The Strategic Leader Simulation Experience

Ringstrasse Credit is one of the world’s oldest, most prestigious financial services firms. Prudently run, with a diverse and robust balance sheet, it avoided the worst ravages of the global financial crisis and had no need of taxpayer funds in any of its countries of operation. An outspoken critic of the response which saved many of their competitors it is also admired for the skill with which it has navigated the trend toward digitalization. Recognising earlier than most the need to embrace what was an inevitable tide of change.

Yet all is not well. A series of seemingly unrelated events have signalled the beginning of a potentially momentous shift in the industry. Looming trade war. Automation. Fintech. Blockchain. Each capable of re-writing the conditions for survival on their own terms but, together, they represent either the next evolution of financial services or the revolution which changes it utterly.

Leaders assume the role of the executive team and set the strategic course for Ringstrasse across 5 years of operation. An immersive experience which emphasizes the profoundly human nature of strategic execution. Leaders will:

  • Experience complexity and disruption

  • Identify arcs of change

  • Articulate strategic beliefs

  • Translate strategy to drive purposeful action

  • Capture subsequent qualitative and quantitative impacts