How To Think About...Openness

The Open Leader has experienced first hand the futility of combating bias with awareness. They have grappled with a dizzying array of cognitive illusions and the bounds of rationality humans breach time and time again. They have questioned the enigma of a system that generates pervasive, flawed judgements yet is responsible for the compelling power of intuitive thought and our extraordinary success as a species. 

They combat what is unreasonable with reason. Looking to a convergence of insight from cognitive psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, affective forecasting, artificial intelligence and the new science of morality to understand more completely the human at the centre of the decision. From this vantage point they have discovered deep and powerful explanations which make virtues of our flaws. These perfectly logical imperfections.     

To this enlightened view they add structure. Embracing the principles of open leadership and its pursuit of transparency, meritocracy and openness to build an inclusive, incisive enterprise wide decision-making capability.



The Open Leader Simulation Experience



In the words of its founder, Ailsa Almeira, NEO exists because it had to. As a ground-breaking startup software company working to connect entrepreneurs to investors NEO could not find a bank willing to help on their journey. So they created their own.

Now a unique approach, built largely on the open source blockchain technology they authored and released, has redefined banking for a new generation. A community of investors and businesses now 3 million strong and the poster child for the Fintech fraternity. Large enough to spook even the most self-assured of the financial services sector.

In a world where competitors span verticals and incumbents efforts to digitize business models flounder this born-digital, purpose-driven startup has a mission to disrupt the financial services market.   



Leaders encounter NEO in three distinct decision environments, at three critical junctures of growth. Exposed to conditions that foster bias and demand cognitive versatility leaders will:  

  • Experience and overcome the most persistent decision biases
  • Adopt a Bayesian mindset
  • Utilize data science techniques
  • Apply Open leadership principles
    • Openness without sacrificing speed
    • Transparency without sacrificing harmony
    • Meritocracy without sacrificing accountability
  • Facilitate empowerment 
  • Capture subsequent qualitative and quantitative impacts