SOCRATES Platform Specifications


Player Layer

  • Access to eight simulations (Strategic Leader, Open Leader, Collaborative Leader, Resilient Leader, Agile Leader, Transformative Leader, Entrepreneurial Leader, Systemic Leader)
  • Web-based experience that can be delivered on any mobile device and on laptop device.
  • Can be delivered as part of a face-to-face program or delivered virtually.
  • Scalable and secure for unlimited number of teams and users. Built on Google Cloud architecture.


Facilitator Layer

  • Your facilitators can easily control the experience, gaining real-time insight and analytics into the performance of teams.
  • Simulations are integrated with content and debrief slides.
  • Advancing the rounds of the simulation is as easy as pressing “next slide” on a clicker.


Administrator Layer


  • The Socrates platform is intuitive, simple to use and optimised for mobile.
  • Your administrators have the power to start game sessions, enroll participants, track progress and integrate data and analytics from the games into your learning management systems.
  • The data is completely anonymous when you want security, or richly integrated when you want data and insights.
  • The Socrates content management system enables you to tweak content for your context as needed.



Socrates Premium: $1,000 per user, per year. This price includes:

  • Access to the player layer, facilitator layer and administrator layer for all eight simulations.
  • Training and support to enable your teams to facilitate and administer the simulation.
  • Data integration to enable insights and analytics to be securely integrated with your systems as you require.
  • 24/7 live technical support.

NOTE: price varies based on volume or if you require only a subset of Socrates Premium features.