Emotions change behavior. Games create emotion.

Our custom simulations are immersive worlds tailored specifically to your context, designed with compelling and irresistible gameplay. The process is governed by three central principles:



The point is to change behavior in order to achieve a lasting outcome. This truth drives our entire process from discovery through to deployment.



We discover so that we know your world so deeply and so fully that we can simulate it completely. Our quantitative discovery methods uncover the structural patterns that drive performance throughout your firm and your industry, capturing business models as they were and as they are becoming. Our qualitative methods - including ethnographic observation and empathic first-person narrative collection - capture nuance. The beliefs and culture your people create.



We build our experiences on the latest, most responsive and stable technological environments. We scale to every platform in a secure, predictable environment powered by Google Cloud, maintained by Google Cloud certified architects. A technology which empowers your facilitators to deliver world class experiences for every program.


This custom spotlight features a simulation built for one of the fastest growing global technology companies of all time.

As the organization expanded rapidly and at pace, there was a pressing need to help first-line managers practice the behaviors needed to lead and manage in a fast-paced, highly accountable environment. 

The five-round experience gives each  participant in the simulation the chance to play the role of manager in a set of interrelated cross-enterprise scenarios that include:

  • Building a team
  • Designing a software solution
  • Structuring a large enterprise deal
  • Valuing and integrating an acquisition target
  • Winning back a dissatisfied client 

Along the way, each participant receives personalized feedback on their performance as a manager and a structured process to improve their performance. 

The simulation content is deeply customized to the client’s business and cultural context following a rigorous and extensive discovery phase. During development, a range of technologies were incorporated including virtual reality, mobile app development, professional videos featuring accomplished actors, and an immersive world of characters based on the key leaders of the client’s executive team. 

The simulation is completely autonomous. Facilitated and administered by the client and its learning professionals, with technical and business support provided by the Sapien team as required.