what we do

the richness of a behavioral experience

We partner with large, complex organizations to build compelling learning experiences that invite their leaders to lose themselves in the worlds we create. The leaders gain a new and deeper understanding of how -- and why -- they must lead differently now. 

The rigor of a computer-based simulation 

Our experiences are driven by data science. We model the real business context of real markets and real companies. The result: more powerful, relevant insights delivered to more leaders at greater speed and scale.


why we do it


leaders deserve better

Corporate education does not live up to the day-to-day existence of the leaders who attend it. Leaders inhabit a world teeming with increasingly dynamic and rich experiences informed by analytics and machine learning. And then they step into a typical corporate training environment, and their expectations drop.

Most training falls short for one of three reasons:

  1. It reeks of the last century, with crumbling, old fashioned learning methods painted over by a shiny new layer of buzzwords.
  2. Even when there are a few, new innovative methods involved, there's not much rigor or accountability to produce true business insights.
  3. And even when the program includes a simulation, the game becomes a button-pushing exercise disconnected from the human world of work.

we believe we can do better

Unhappy with the status quo, we set out to create something better. We draw on three emerging streams of insight and capability to create the learning experiences that today's leaders deserve:

  1.  DESIGN THINKING. This approach helps us stay closer to the humans who hope to be better and do better as leaders in a rapidly changing context.
  2. BEHAVIORAL DECISION MAKING. The bad news: we humans make lots of mistakes in our judgements and evaluations. The good news: those mistakes occur in predictable ways at predictable times. We use the latest research into human decision-making to create hyper-realistic scenarios with powerful insights.
  3. THE CLOUD. Software is the codification of ideas - that's why they call it code. With cloud-based computing, we can codify more complex ideas about our clients' context with greater speed, efficiency, stability and scalability. 

who we are

Our Founders


For fifteen years, Jake has challenged leaders in fifty countries to build teams, strategies, cultures and companies that transform markets and create lasting value.


Darren Keegan

Drawing on his research in leading universities Darren's expertise in strategic decision making and simulation design has engaged and energized leaders at multiple Fortune 100 companies.