You live in a world full of systems. Complex, nonlinear systems. From your organizations to the countries you inhabit and, ultimately, to the planet you share. Which is why the leader who relentlessly pursues self-awareness is undaunted by the volatility, the uncertainty. Its complexity is expected. Its ambiguity an invitation to learn. 

But adopting the mindset of a systems thinker is not enough. You need a way to see and seize systems. A technology powerful enough to model the hidden and surprising relationships which shape your context and your future. Once there you practise. You go all in. Unlocking the insights which will transform your leadership.

You need a Sapien Experience.


This month our Spotlight Series simulation feature is Planet Sapien. 

Over a series of rounds filled with competing priorities, four different players are challenged to deliver on the promise of shared value. An economically driven enterprise where business solves the world’s most urgent and formidable problems. 

Participants are immersed in a multi-round, multiplayer competitive game where they assume one of four key roles representing the interests of financial services, healthcare, energy and government. Leaders will:

  • Develop the mindset of a systemic thinker
  • Map systems to identify points of leverage
  • Demonstrate thought leadership 
  • Consume complexity to produce simplicity
  • Understand the latent power of shared value
  • Capture subsequent, real world qualitative and quantitative impacts   


Leaders from the following companies have experienced a Sapien simulation.